Today I learned how to pitch a tent, fight a current, portion my meals, set up a hammock and appreciate the silence. I’m getting that feeling of small excitements again and that makes me happy.
— Narwhal Pod 1 Almuni

Focused on the development of technical wilderness and leadership skills, OTA's OUTdoor School offers students a safe and supportive environment to be challenged and grow. Students can expect to learn the basics of outdoor living, as well as the technical skills necessary for the safe participation in the various activities during their trip. Whether adventures will remain purely recreational or you're looking for a way to break in to the outdoor industry, OTA's OUTdoor School is perfect for any queer person ages 18 through 22

2017 OUTdoor School Schedule


Session one: June 25th through july 2nd

Dubbed "the Narhwal Pod", OTA's signature expedition features 8 days of sea kayaking throughout Washington's San Juan Islands. Participants learn the basics of camp living, kayaking safety and nautical navigation. Lessons on native flora, fauna and leadership are also taught by our experienced instructors. The expedition culminates for each participant during their turn as the "Leader of the Day", an exercise that turns over the reigns of the trip to teams of participants.

session two: july 23rd through july 27th

You'll need a good pair of hiking boots and a love of granola for this session! Students will participate in 5 days of backpacking in the North Cascades where they will learn the basics of camping living and wilderness travel. Through learning how to work together students will overcome challenges and learn to safely lead themselves and each other through the backcountry. 

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