“I can already see evidence that [our son] has grown more mature, and confident, from his OTA experience. And as his mom, it brings me so much joy to see him so happy and enthusiastic.”
— Parent of YE Participant

The research linking healthy minds and bodies to time spent in nature continues to grow. In addition to the physical benefits, outdoor play has been shown to reduce stress, depression, and symptoms of ADHD. While the tide of social acceptance is shifting, the queer community still does not possess a history of strong connections to our natural world. You can change that by signing your child up for one of our Youth Expeditions today. Ages 14 through 17.

2017 Youth Expedition Schedule

Session one: July 9th through july 16th

Dubbed "the Narhwal Pod", OTA's signature expedition features 8 days of sea kayaking throughout Washington's San Juan Islands. Participants learn the basics of camp living, kayaking safety and nautical navigation. Lessons on native flora, fauna and leadership are also taught by our experienced instructors. The expedition culminates for each participant during their turn as the "Leader of the Day", an exercise that turns over the reigns of the trip to teams of participants. 

Session two: july 30th through august 3rd

You'll need a good pair of hiking boots and a love of granola for this session! Participants will spend 5 days backpacking in the North Cascades where they will learn the basics of camp living and wilderness travel. Our veteran instructors will lead lessons on topics such as Pacific Northwest ecology and geology and leadership while also connecting these lessons and trip experiences back to the experiences of queer young people. 

Questions about our trips? See our FAQ's page or email us at info@outthereadventures.org